Here is a summary of the intermin report of the all party parialmentary group - looking forward to the full Mindful Nation UK report to be published in October 2015

The Mindfulness All-Party Parliamentary Group
has carried out an eight-month inquiry into the
potential for mindfulness training in key areas
of public life - health, education, workplaces
and the criminal justice system. We find that
mindfulness is a transformative practice, leading
to a deeper understanding of how to respond
to situations wisely. We believe that government
should widen access to mindfulness training in
key public services, where it has the potential to
be an effective low-cost intervention with a wide
range of benefits. We urge all political parties to
consider our recommendations for inclusion in
their manifestos for the 2015 General Election,
as part of the pressing task of tackling the
country’s mental health crisis.