" I just wanted to thank you for everything that you have done for me over the past few years; you have helped to make me realise my own self-worth, and to grow in compassion and courage. A few years ago, I never would have thought that I could be the girl that I am today. Thank you so much for believing in me and helping me when I felt like no one could help me at all".

When you make the decision to come for counselling you are choosing to put aside time for yourself to explore what is troubling you in a safe and supportive relationship, without being judged.

I am an Accredited Memeber of the BACP and have been a qualified counsellor since 1994. As an experienced counsellor, my role is to listen to you and to help you find the clarity to develop a way forward with your difficulties in a safe, caring and above all, non-judgemental way. Flexibilty is key to my approach and I work with both short and long term clients, exploring your issues with you in just a few weeks or up to several years. I draw on a wide range of knowledge and skill to help you as an individual to come to terms with what is troubling you; to grow in confidence, enabling you make any changes you realise would be beneficial, to manage your life and to become more at peace with yourself and with the issues you are facing. Also to help you to find your own way to live more fully and with more ease in your day to day life. Watching clients change and grow in confidence as the counselling progresses is my main motivation for being a counsellor.

All issues are approached by me with genuine care, respect and confidentiality.  I use a variety of therapeutic models according to each person’s individual need. Some of the models I incorporate are: Person Centred, CBT techniques, Radical Acceptance, Mindfulness, Psychodynamic and Gestalt.  My training in Mindfulness has further embedded my skills to help anyone who is interested to develop a greater sense of empowerment through awareness which ulitmately brings a greater sense of ease. My counselling skills have undoubtedly been enriched by my interest in Mindfulness but I only interweave Mindfulness skills into counselling sessions when asked for. Recently as I have experienced the benefits of self compassion training, I  can suggest self compassion practices to use between sessions, but only if you would like to find out about them and how they support inner change.

Barbaras OfficeI work from my office in the village of Oving just east of Chichester, with easy parking and on the ground floor.  I offer sessions during the day and sometimes in the evening.

Please feel free to contact me under no obligation and we can talk on the phone or by email, intially. You can use the contact form on this website for an email or if you would prefer you can call me: 01243 785333 or 07809 655 453. The first session is to establish whether we both feel suited to continue together to help you find a way forward. I am also avialble via Skype for counselling and one-to-one Mindfulness sessions.

"A few years ago I experienced a perfect storm of problems in my working life. I was father of two very young children trying hard to be a supportive husband and provider and my business went completely bust in a matter of weeks. It was every catastrophe I had ever feared all coming at once.
Months earlier, I had decided to start seeing Barbara for Counselling to try to address a range of issues mostly to do with my anxiety and anger in reaction to apparently fairly simple adversities in life. Barbara’s sessions were simple, clear and calm. She helped me explore the issues I was being challenged by in a manner which made understanding seem elementary. I came away from each session feeling, lighter, clearer and more capable of facing what had loomed unfathomably large.
Then I lost all my work and faced my worst fears. Everything that could go wrong – barring illness or death – did go wrong and yet, with Barbara’s wonderful calm approach, I was able to see that the worst was really very manageable.
Barbara’s teaching of simple breathing and meditation exercises (as part of the session), which can be done anywhere at any time to find personal, private space to deal with anything that challenges you, are a tremendous benefit which I still use regularly. Her approach is grounded and no-nonsense and leaves you with a great context to tackle the day-to-day issues which assault us all.
She was a life-saver in a difficult time but the legacy of my months of Counselling with her lives on years later and the techniques we explored remain in use daily.
I’d recommend her without hesitation."

Panoramic view of my office

Panoramic view of my office

"I was expecting counselling and yet, I came away with so much more…   Working with you it felt as if I were given permission to somehow drop the screen of thoughts and perceptions through which I otherwise view life. In doing so there was gradual acceptance, not only for the situation itself but more importantly for myself, acceptance which in a way I had never previously experienced, actually giving myself permission to simply be. Not so much trying to “push the river” as opposed to embracing its presence. Our sessions presented me with an opportunity to explore those parts of my personality which had otherwise remained hidden, to venture places I would sometimes rather not be, but throughout it all there was a sense of safety and compassion. Naturally this remains work in process, a constant state of be-coming, but now I feel more equipped to deal with that state of flux, now I am reminded to breathe.. and observe..

Thank you Barbara for offering me the space to explore my own experiences".


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