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On Pain by David Whyte

“Pain is the doorway to the here and now. Physical or emotional pain is the ultimate form of ground, saying, to each of us, in effect, there is no other place than this place, no other body than this body, no other limb or joint or pang or sharpness but this searing presence. Pain asks us to heal by focusing on the very center of the actual torment and the very way the pain is felt.

Here is a summary of the intermin report of the all party parialmentary group - looking forward to the full Mindful Nation UK report to be published in October 2015

The Mindfulness All-Party Parliamentary Group
has carried out an eight-month inquiry into the
potential for mindfulness training in key areas
of public life - health, education, workplaces
and the criminal justice system. We find that
mindfulness is a transformative practice, leading

Research Findings from the Mental Health Foundation

The Mental Health Foundation on line website is called This is a website listing of reputable mindfulness teachers who have been approved. I am listed as a teacher there. Here are some research findings from the website.

Ongoing research

Mindfulness can be useful for people from all walks of life and the number of areas that mindfulness is being applied to is growing.

Hardwiring Happiness

I heard Rick Hanson this June at the Mindfulness and Compassion conference ay Samye Ling in Scotland.  Savouring the  'good' or pleasant, is an significant part of a mindful life.  Here he explains the neuroscience of this approach.