Greetings and courses

Hello dear friends,

Again it's been a long time since I wrote a newsletter and I hope this finds you well and happy.

Here is part of an article from Jack Kornfield, one of the current and prominent mindfulness teachers from the West. I find him very encouraging and supportive.

"In our busy world, we tend to overlook the capacity we have to allow the mind to settle down and rest, to become deeply silent and peaceful. This stillness is a great power in meditation, and through it we can learn to listen more fully to the world around us and to the wisdom of our own heart. To support tranquillity in practice we need to foster a stillness in the body, a calmness of breath, and an inner ease and restfulness. Exercising, breathing, sitting, calming—all of this can be practiced. Tranquillity is also fostered by our time alone and by time in nature.

Inner calmness is a way of being that can transform our lives. Taking one thing at a time as our focus, letting the imperfections of life be, fosters a sense of the present, a contentment with the moment. At first our meditation may develop in some ways but still be mixed with a quality of striving or judgment. As our skill in meditation grows, we can learn the art of letting go and finding a calm center in the midst of our changing sense. As we sit, extraordinary levels of silence and peace can open for us. We can feel as if the whole world had suddenly stopped moving. Our body can become light and transparent like a clear spring sky. The senses and the heart can open in a sweet and delicate way, and a powerful contentment can arise. We can learn how happiness comes from a heart at rest and not from changing outer circumstances. All of this can be discovered as a power and as the fruit of our simple mindfulness practice". Of course this doesn't always happen but it can!  We are never searching for an outcome we simply open to what unfolds, moment by moment, no matter how it is.

Jack is a very inspiring teacher and I have just listened to a you tube clip of his, recommended by a friend and past participant Sarah, to me. It is very touching.

I want to assure you about not using your contact details in any way other than for me to be in touch with you about mindfulness and the courses and practice days that are coming up in the future.   If you wish to unsubscribe from the newsletter please do so below at the bottom of the page.

I am now holding the monthly drop in sessions at Hamblin Hall again on the first Wednesday of each month. Everyone is welcome 2- 3.30pm.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction MBSR is an eight week course that many of you will know about. It will run from Monday October 8th for eight consecutive Mondays until November 26th 2.30 - 5pm with a day of practice on December 2nd. I am teaching this course with the support of Liz Clark as my assisitant.

Mindful Self Compassion MSC is an eight week course running from Thursday October 11th  10.45 - 1.15 with week 1 finishing at 1.45, until November 29th. The day of practice is on December 8th. I am teaching this course with the support of Jo Shanahan as my assistant.

I do suggest that it's best for morst people to do the MBSR course first, but there is no obligation. If you would like to join either of these courses, please see my website for the full details

It's very good to be in touch again.

With love,