Skype with BarbaraLearning Mindfulness through the medium of Skype works well.  Although there are difficulties that can arise because of technology, in general terms, the Skype experience is a highly effective way to meet with a very experienced  teacher where distance would previously have made this impossible.

No matter where you are located, learning Mindfulness on Skype with me creates the possibility of a personal training geared to your needs and schedule.  I also use Skype for Counselling sessions and can combine Counselling with Mindfulness training (please see the second testimonial on this page).

"I was introduced to Barbara by a mutual friend in January 2015 and we started a relationship conducted entirely on Skype. Barbara has helped me learn about Mindfulness from scratch and how it can be applied to a busy working and home schedule, as well as being a great sounding board for all my worries. She uses Skype to great effect, allowing you to see that she is listening to you by looking you straight in the eye (not easy on Skype). She also conducts meditations very well on this medium, managing to carry the right sense of place and a peaceful environment. I would recommend her to anyone without Skype but she is particularly effective with it, and it makes life much easier".

Ed Cottrell

Ed says here that I look you straight in the eye!  This sounds a bit intimidating, so please be reassured that mindfulness is really about awareness, finding a deep acceptance, both for you and for myself, so there is nothing threatening in this looking!

Usually the time and date of each session, agreed by us, lasts for one hour. As with all Mindfulness (and Counselling) sessions we can schedule them to suit, anytime from 8.30am to 8.30pm., G.M. time Monday to Friday.  Depending on your need and circumstance, I recommend both formal and informal meditation practices in between sessions. The experience of these and the effect on your life are discussed in the following sessions.  'Formal practice' is taking time out of your day, on purpose, to spend with a specific, led practice by me (please see the meditations on the website). This can be as little as ten minutes or as much as forty. 'Informal practice' is going about your day to day life with a mindful approach, starting with a single task like brushing your teeth, knowing what is happening as it is happening, being aware but not necessarily taking any more time.

"Meeting with Barbara via Skype is a wonderful experience. I would recommend it to everyone; whether your schedule is busy, you struggle with travel or if you live hundreds of miles away like I do! I live in Nottingham but knew Barbara was the person for me; Skype offered the opportunity to connect with a warm and compassionate coach from the comfort of my home.

I experience anxiety and panic attacks, and have a tendency to flee situations and seek "safety" in certain places and people. Exploring mindfulness via Skype allows me to retain independence, to be alone with myself, but with Barbara's peaceful and wise presence. 

I had started to think my life would never change, and I would forever be stuck in a lonely and scared state, with only memories of strength and happiness to hold on to.  Through working with Barbara I have begun to be kinder to myself, more accepting of life's difficulties, happier and calmer in my day-to-day life, and am no longer ashamed by the complex tapestry that makes me who I am". Liv August 2015.

If you would like to discuss sessions through Skype, either for Mindfulness or Counselling or a mixture of both please contact me   and we can arrange an initial meeting.